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To Sagar Rastogi It appears that you have resolved the issue, many thanks. Sagar Rastogi helped a lot during the call and resolved my outlook problem during the call .Thanks for his patience showing during the call. Regards.
Roy Partridge
I would like to give feedback to Pintu Khumar who has worked long and hard to fix my computer. He has done this extremely well, he is innovative and very efficient. Excellent in fact he needs a pay increase! I would like to thank his boss Saurabh Sharma for choosing Pintu. One of your best technicians. I am so pleased with his work I will sign up again with Techvedic when the time comes.Kindest Regards.
Richard Connery (US)
"Every time I contact your company with a computer problem, your staff member shubham is very happy to help & sorts the problem very quickly. I will always be happy to give people I know in business your company's name to fix their computer problems."
Peter Knapp
Neetu Sharma I have been very pleased with this latest session. Neetu has restored by faith in your company. It was not very good until Neetu took over my computer which I was reluctant to do at the time she contacted me. I hopefully will be able to get Neetu in the future but hopefully things are working fine at the moment. Inspire of the time it took to sort out my problems it did not seem that way and am pleased that and hopefully they have been sorted. Neetu remained polite and joyful during this session. Regards
Peggy Wickens (US)
"Thank you for your assistance today. Please pass on my appreciation of their patience to ABHISHEK DIXIT and ABHINAV CHOPRA. Thank you again."
Pamela Cleall
“The experience we have received has been excellent Jitendra Maurya has resolved all the problems we have been experiencing today. He is very professional and helpful and we are very grateful to him. Score rate 10 out of 10. Without his help and support today we would not have known how to carry on with our business requirements following the fault with the computer”.
Nicola Keogh
“Radhika Makkar the lady who gave me excellent service and was very helpful and polite. I was certainly pleased with the service I received. Big thank you to the lady and techvedic. A big cheers. Wish you all the success”.
Neil Wightman
“I was very impressed with the service I received. I found Prashant to be most helpful and he carried out his work in a most professional and pleasant manner and i am more than pleased with the results." Kind Regards
Murdo D Macleod (CA)
I had to telephone Techvedic this morning with an issue about my printer at 12:03:52....09/01/2013. The person that dealt with my query was Miss Malvika Chadha. I would like to say what a lovely person she is in helping me, her manner was excellent and she dealt with my problem very professionally. Please thank her for me. Regards
Mrs R Walker
“Thanks N.V. Vardhanan. The service was fine and to date the computer problems seems to have been solved and is running much faster. Best Regards.”
Mike Lawrence (US)
Hi Kannaiah S, I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the service you have provided me in the past two days. Thank you very much  
Michael Bond
I wish to acknowledge my appreciation for the help given to me by Prateek Suneja with my computer problems. His expertise in solving my problem is exceptional. Thank you for your superb customer support.
Have a nice day!
Mary L. Vallandingham (US)
Dear Shubham,
Thank-you for your help with this issue. It appears that the computer is working properly again. That was a big help. We are taking this device to our daughter today, and from now on, if she has any issues, she will be the person who will contact your group for help...Her name is Rachael.
Thank-you again for your help.
Mark Justice
*To whom it may concern*
Just a quick line to say thank you to Deepak Papreja @ techvedic.com for his quick resolution to my computer's security and performance.
It is good to know that I have a friendly contact should I have any problems in the future. Thanks again for the efficient and friendly service.
M .J. Maxted (US)
Sagar Rastogi was a great help to me. He was so kind while we were on the phone while he was fixing my computer. He is a great employee. He successfully increased my computer speed, and was great at explaining what he was doing and why. I will use your company in the future because of your excellent service. Good Job Sagar!
Lisa Freeman
FOR THE KIND ATTENTION OF THE DEPARTMENTAL MANAGER I am very pleased to report that Khushbu Gupta has solved in a most satisfactory manner a technical problem which prevented me from using my internet. Ms. Khushbu was not only extremely capable but also very kind and very patient towards me, given that I am not at all computer literate. As I said, I am grateful and full of praise. Yours sincerely,
Liliana Consoli (US)
“I wish to let you know that the time and trouble your staff member NV And Satinder took in getting my computer running more quickly = it was too old to up-date but he did such a good job for me that I feel you should be aware of the kindness and trouble your staff take towards your customers."
Lilian Kennedy (US)
I khamisa zerrouki want to say a big thank you to mr Prateek Suneja. He has done a very good job in helping me sort out the computer plus he is also very polite and very patient.. Thank you very, very much sir. Regards
khamisa zerrouki (US)
Nitish Kumar & Smitha Nair done a 100% great job on getting my pc up to date and running 100% thank you very much i would be lost without techvedic, I m very happy for what you do me.
Good Job both of you!
Kevin Hawkins
Karan Rawat
I am delighted to inform you that the last person, whose name I do not remember, knew his business and my requirements. When this gentleman came on the scene, my problem was, indeed, solved.”
Many thanks Regards
Karim Esmail (US)
Pintu Kumar
“To who it may concern.
I am writing to thank you so much for the outstanding efficiency and effectiveness of Inderjeet Singh and Pintu Kumar. My computer had been hacked and in excess of 1200 items corrupted. Virtually my entire Windows area was a problem they have patiently worked through the problems.The computer is now working perfectly and more quickly than it has done for a long time. You are extremely fortunate to have these two men working with you. I am very, very grateful to them. Inderjeet also has an excellent telephone manner. Both of them kept me informed throughout the time it took to fix the problem.
My very warm thanks to them both. You have two excellent employees.”
Judith Hemery (US)
Pintu Kumar
Hello All,
I would like to inform you that the technician Pintu Kumar has done a great job and resolved my issue effortlessly. He has really done a fantastic job, was skillful, patient and kind enough to fix the issue. I would like to thank all his seniors that you have a great employee and hopefully he has great future with your organization. Thanks once again for your support Pintu Kumar. Regards
John Webb (US)
‘’Prateek Suneja - a very patient, courteous and skillful technical support operator. He has successfully dealt with my problem. I am most grateful. If I was in New Delhi I would be most happy to buy him a large Gin and Tonic, or whatever he preferred.’’
John Mc Lean (US)
‘’Kannaiah & Prateek did a quick and efficient job to fix my Explorer on which I was facing a lot of problems. They did a splendid work to fix my problem without wasting much of my time.’’
Jerry Morris (US)
Satinder Mehra
’Thank you very much Satinder Pal Mehra, your expertise has been amazing and this could have really affected the running of my business without your help, you have fixed my computer problems very fast. Thank you very much, you are my savior…Thank you very much once again!!!’’
James Thomas (US)
“Radhika Makkar and Pintu Kumar , I would like to thank very much for the help with problems which I had with my computer. Radhika the lady who I spoke to yesterday & today was VERY helpful, polite & wonderful to speak to guide me with the problems. I like Techvedic very much & I would recommend you. A BIG Thank you to all concerned”.
Jacqueline John